Geometrid: Enhancing Productivity In Construction

Directing, monitoring and coordinating human and material resources in the construction sector throughout the lifetime of the project to achieve predetermined objectives and realise goals can be a challenge. To simplify the entire process, architect turned entrepreneur, Milos has designed and developed a scalable system called Geometrid that simplifies the complexity of project coordination.

Milos Jovanovic used to wear many hats. As an architect, he plans, builds and constructs buildings. As a project leader, he manages multiple projects and resources with numerous deadlines and budgets.

The experience helped him perfect the art of multitasking, which was to prove an invaluable skill when he went on to kick-start his business, even as he maintained a senior specialist position at Changi Jewel.

That business is today one of Microsoft for startups’ Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies in Southeast Asia to receive technical support and advisory on the best practices for application design and solution architecture. Called “Geometrid”, the Software-as-a-Service allows Project Managers and even building owners to manage, control and track their projects and assets in real-time, throughout multiple stages of the supply chain. Developed as a web-based application with an easy-to-use interface that enhances productivity in both the construction sector and the built environment, Geometrid helps construction professionals complete their projects on time and within budget – thanks to the Software-as-a-Service’s ability to enable complete project visibility.

Says Milos: “Our solution works exactly like the SafeEntry function used in malls across Singapore. Users scan the QR code using their smartphone camera and that way update asset status from across the supply chain, so all project participants have a 3D overview of their progress in real-time, and access to all the relevant data from their construction projects.”

Magic of Geometrid
Leveraging cloud technology, Geometrid did not require major, upfront capital outlays. Without the need for costly set-ups and infrastructures, Milos and the team at Geometrid can focus on building their organisation’s capability and corporate growth strategy, knowing that they can scale back on their investment if they have overestimated the demand of products and services. At the same time, Milos and the Geometrid team can fully focus on product innovation instead of being bogged down by tedious maintenance which can take up a lot of precious time.

The software developed by Milos and the Geometrid team is a key enabler for his multitasking style. It sees employees of all ranks given more access to critical information, knowledge and autonomy in ensuring that project(s) always stays on track.

No stranger to the concept of time and its importance in ensuring client satisfaction, Milos, while at Changi Jewel, noticed that teams tend to use a mix of physical and digital inputs, as well as multiple formats of reports even for internal usage and reporting while tapping on a variety of social messaging platforms to communicate across departments. This results in time taken up to manually recompile and understand each team’s report in detail before proceeding on with the execution phases of the project.

He started entertaining the thought of consolidating information and communication all on a single platform. Fiddling around with coding in BIM software, Twitter Application Programming Interface and QR codes, Milos successfully streamlined both the updating and progress reporting processes for complex projects.

Upon completing his stint with Changi Jewel, he decided to step out and start work on an independent solution. Tapping on his expertise in construction, Milos designed the web application’s front- and back-end systems. The initial design and development process took a couple of months and the end result is both BIM- and web browser-compatible. 

Milos has certainly a smooth-sailing start in entrepreneurship. But he is not resting on his current achievements just yet and is forever thinking of new ways to improve the platform and grow the business, even in the current challenging economic environment.

Lifelong learning, every single day
Filling the shoes of both an architect and businessman, Milos acknowledges that running a technology start-up is certainly not a walk in the park.

His first deal arrived from Clark International Airport in the Philippines several months into his new appointment as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Geometrid.

“Every single day I’m learning more about the challenges in the built environment industry, and with my team at Geometrid we tirelessly strive to find ways of resolving those.”

Furthermore, and in light of COVID, Milos discovered that while the pandemic contributed to the slowdown in construction projects, on the other hand, it facilitated the adoption of digital solutions like Geometrid.

The next steps forward
So, what is next for Geometrid and what can the built environment sector expect from this thriving technology start-up?

Says Milos: “We’re currently working on augmenting Geometrid’s functionalities to suit not only construction professionals’ but building owners’ and facility managers’ requirements with the key objective of extending the lifetime of the product by opening up possible areas for business development.”

With that in mind, Geometrid is aiming to focus on ramping up its current capabilities to go beyond the phases within the construction sector and capture new opportunities.

With the enhanced Geometrid platform, building owners and Facility Management professionals will be able to take advantage and utilise the Software-as-a-Service to track maintenance schedules and programmable electronic systems performance. And given the current COVID situation where the majority of the workforce is still working from home, Geometrid enables Facility Management professionals to oversee and manage their properties and assets remotely, thus enhancing productivity in both the construction and built environment sectors.